I knew blogging was catching on when I visited my father, who doesn’t own a computer, and he asked me “what’s a blog?”

I responded that it’s the latest way to waste time on the internet. It’s short for Web Log and it’s a way for people who don’t have the patience for things like journalism or forming coherent thoughts to get published and read by at least six people.

So what the hell? I thought I’d try it. I have a beautiful daughter, Isabella, who is now a little over three years old. I have another child on the way, a boy, who will get here in July. We have yet to name him. We said if it was a girl we would name her Trinity but if it was a boy I wanted to name him Triumvirate. No deal. Apparently my wife was just humoring me because we both thought it was going to be a girl. So the search continues.

So that’s what this Blog will be about. A humourous (hopefully) look at being a father and a husband. Some advice, some tips, and many stories on what NOT to do. Learn from my experiences. Please. Someone should.