Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day, takes on a whole new meaning when you have a kid. But this time, instead of running around at the last minute for a present for my wife I get to be on the receiving end of the parenty goodness.

Bella woke up with growing pains (yes, they really do exist, and it’s not just a contrived Allan Thicke/Kirk Cameron television show) early in the morning. So Father’s Day started at 4:30 am in our house. We brought Bella in bed with us. Bringing a toddler in your bed is pretty much a guarantee that no one is sleeping anymore in your house, from you, your wife, to the cat. After getting kicked repeatedly in the back I went to sleep in Bella’s bed for another hour or two. You know, because it was Father’s Day.

A few days earlier I was allowed to get my most awesome Father’s Day present. I had been saving up for a Playstation 3 and went on to bore my wife about the best model, backwards compatibility, HDMI inputs, HD resolutions and the scarcity of the Metal Gear Sold 4 bundle. Her eyes just glazed over and then she just said the same thing every wife says: “How much?”

I went on to explain if I added up what I already had saved from my birthday money (I realize this makes me sound like a 12 year old) and bought it at Target and got 10% off for applying for the Target Card it would be reasonable. The thing is, I had just finished three full days of moving my office into the garage and painting the new baby’s room so I had a little fatherly credit at that point. Oh, and I spent it. On high definition gaming goodness. Now I can see more detail when I blow shit up.

Funny thing was I had just dropped Bella off at daycare and went to Target the morning of the release of the new Metal Gear Solid Playstation 3 bundle. I got there and there was already a guy in front of me buying one. He had his infant in a carrier beside him. We looked at each other. We both had the same idea. He bought his, picked up his infant, looked at me, and said “have fun.”

And I did. I got a new Playstation, went out to dinner with Audge and Bella and had a great Father’s Day. All in high def.