Living in LA is like living in another world. It’s really true. When you are raising a family in LA the normal and mundane collides with the absurd on a quite regular basis. Right now I am staying home with our new baby and will be for the next year or so. But I’m still working in the entertainment industry and living in LA so it never really becomes normal. How do those two things combine? Like oil and water, and here’s the thing: I’m not complaining. I like the unpredictability and excitement in my life but now it’s tempered with routine and a hint of normalcy.

I am just finishing up my book which will be out June 2 called PACIFY ME: A HANDBOOK FOR THE FREAKED OUT NEW DAD. Audge works during the day so after baby duty during the day for me then I’ve been working at night. So we’re both pulling double shifts and have never looked so forward to relatives coming out to visit. “Yes, it’s good to see you, Mom and Dad. Please take these children. We’ll be back in four hours. Maybe.”

But like I said it’s another world. In between taking care of our baby I’ve been writing a book, doing a radio interview here and there, performed on stage in vegas when we can coordinate a visit with a relative to watch the baby for the week, and been working on my website with my partner comedian Graham Elwood. We find it very fun to play internet mogul once a week in my garage. And yes, Griffin is there for every one of our meetings. Often he participates will loud outbursts during the reading of the minutes, and his opinions are duly noted.

So it could be a very interesting year. Once again a year mixed with hard work, fun, difficulties and unpredictability. I wouldn’t have it any other way.