Just wanted to say it. We went out to breakfast to Jinky’s, a neighborhood breakfast place, and it was packed at 8:30 am. I was too late to make a reservation at the Cheesecake Factory for their special brunch but I assured my wife there were plenty of other LA eateries happy to overcharge for an omelet.

So we had a great breakfast, and you know in a restaurant you are on a strict time schedule. After about twenty minutes (30 if you’re lucky) it’s fidget followed by meltdown followed by a police report. Anytime I’m in a restaurant with the kids, as I frantically search for the waitress I glance and smile at the little darlings but in my head I just hear tick, tick, tick, tick, etc.

But all was well. We got them out while still in the fidget stage.

I got Audge two pairs of pajama comfort pants to “replace the rags she wears at night”. I don’t care “how comfortable they are”. Get rid of them. OK, perhaps I should not have written that in the card, but too late now.

So it’s a special day, and all Moms deserve it. They are the unsung heroes of the world and should be treated well this special day. And occasionally, they even deserve new pants.