First off, I’d like to thank all the Bloggers for their support and help getting the word out. You guys all rock.

With more to come! Want to get in on the action? Have a blog or a website with (ahem) some modest traffic and want to review the book? Let me know. E-mail me (click the Monty Python image on the right) and I’ll see if I can make some arrangements.

Also, if you want a book SIGNED AND PERSONALIZED you can buy it from Comedy Film Nerds.

You can have it made out to whoever you want, and whatever you come up with it won’t be weirder than anything that’s already been submitted from “World’s Best Dad”, “Worst Dad Ever” to “The Lone Horseman of the Apocalypse” Be creative!

Thank you, Internet.

PS The Blogger Spellcheck didn’t recognize the word “Bloggers”. Nice.