Couldn’t really gel a coherent blog post, so here are two random thoughts:

I bought Quark the TV series while the Virgin Megastore was going out of business. It was one of my favorite shows as a kid, even though there were only eight episodes. Intergalactic trash, a depressed robot and the Doublemint twins. Sounds great, right? Actually, no it doesn’t sound that great, and you know what, after watching it again, it really was one of the worst shows ever made. And yet, I enjoyed the nostalgia as I watched it. It was the visual equivalent of holding that old, moldy teddy bear from your youth and thinking it was the best toy ever. I wonder if that will happen to my kids with Dragon Tales.

SECONDLY, as we were driving home yesterday on Coldwater Canyon someone posted a sign that said “Whoever took my bowl of perennials, please return it.” This made us both burst out laughing. The time it would have taken to make the sign, you could have planted a new bowl of perennials. Time management, people.

If only it were that easy to fix things. With signs. “Whoever really stole the heiress’ jewelry and framed me for the job, please confess” “I’ve worked for years at the same menial job and would like a raise and a promotion” “Please stop telling me Ryan Reynolds is a star” “Get Jon and Kate or at least Paris Hilton off my television permanently” What would your sign say?