I’ve been a bit busy on the internets lately. You can hear me on a new podcast, namely MANIC MOMMIES:


I got a very nice compliment when one of the mommies said when she was editing it she almost peed herself. There is no better compliment to a comedian. Either peeing on yourself or spitting out your drink with laughter, it’s a compliment that either way involves some kind of fluid.
A friend of mine, Don Barnhart Jr. made CNN when a woman went into labor after one of his shows. Now that’s a compliment. “You were so funny, I gave birth!”

The internet is a great “equalizer” in the sense that it’s tough to get on television. Duh. I always get those “suggestions” like “You should go on Oprah and promote your book.” REALLY? I never thought of that! Do you have her number? Maybe you could call her for me and tell her she should put me on. And then maybe we could both go home with Kindles!

But it’s not easy. Mainly because I’m over 30. I’m always one social networking site behind, and just when I’m getting used to it, they fucking change how it works. For the Love of Lucy, Facebook, WTF? You changed your feed and now people are seeing me and I’m seeing them at COMPLETELY RANDOM TIMES AT YOUR OWN CHOOSING. Then you suggested I “reconnect” with my own wife. I don’t need your automated robot marriage counseling, Facebook. Do you WANT to become the next MySpace? Is that what you want? Keep going the way you’re going and you’ll do it. Remember Friendster? I thought so.

My buddy Graham Elwood and I even started our own comedy and film website last year called comedyfilmnerds.com and it just relaunched yesterday. Soft launch. Which means it can have problems and people will forgive you for a few weeks because you start getting angry e-mails. The old site, that crashed hard was besieged with angry nerds. “I love your content but hate your site” “Your navigation sucks” “Your logo is in the wrong place” etc…

It’s a site for comedians to write about movies and we have a store so you can buy CDs DVDs and books, most of them signed and some even personalized. For instance if you buy Doug Benson’s CD or my book, we’ll make it out specifically to you.

So blogs, podcasts, websites, message boards and e-mails. That’s where you’ll find me. And please, internet, could you change the way you do things a little more slowly, please? So Twitter has lists now? OK. Wait, Why!?