I think I’m getting older.
Here are some signs, and frankly, I don’t like them. Time, Time, Time, See what’s become of me… Hazy shade of winter, blah blah blah

1)I remember when a time before e-mail.

2)I remember a time before blogging.

3)The only way my children can watch Bugs Bunny cartoons or the Three Stooges is on DVD.

4)My children say things like “I want to watch something on-demand” and “iphone” and “what does underwater on your mortgage mean?”

5)When I saw Queensryche live four years ago the lead singer said “are there any parents here?” and most of the audience cheered. The stadium was only half full, but to be fair, even when Queensryche was popular their shows were only half full.

6)I had a walkman that played one whole CD at a time.

7)As a kid, getting a VCR was a big deal and it took half a day to hook up.

8)Computers were more expensive, and the high end ones had a full 40 megabyte hard drive.

9)I keep saying things like 40 is the new 39 and I’m only half kidding.

10)I still hate Twitter.

11)I’m starting to hate Facebook.

12)I’m a mostly put off by, but yet a tad jealous of the actor from some FX show renting the house across the street who walks around outside mostly naked to show off his tattoos so casting agents think he’s “dangerous”. He has poker parties almost every day, bangs a bunch of models and says “Fuck!” really loud into his cell phone when he’s sitting on the front step. Shirtless.

13)I have a backlog of video games I still haven’t played. I can’t even get to Brutal Legend. I remember wasting away HOURS in my friend’s basement playing the following Atari 2600 games: Missile Command, Adventure, Maze Craze, Megamania, and Superman.

14)I get excited over a good meal. I mean REALLY excited. OK, maybe that just makes me a foodie.

15)After my wife had our first child we no longer got the Victoria Secret catalogues and every day I miss them a little less.

16) I’m at Home Depot more and at Gamespot less.

17) I go into Hollywood sometimes and see the young hipsters and just want to smack them. Actually, this has nothing to do with them being young.

18) I still enjoy going to Disneyland, but now I have to worry about the kids getting Swine Flu.

19) I remember being upset the day Jim Henson died.

20)I remember when the GOOD cartoons were all on Saturday morning.

How about you?