As I’m sure a lot of you know my pal Stefanie Wilder-Taylor has been on most of the television shows on your television by now. But did you know she does PODCASTS too?! I know, can you believe it?! She stopped by to do out Comedy Film Nerds Podcast right before the Academy Awards and she talked about movies and how angry everyone was with her about ruining Up In The Air.

You can go to and listen to episode 8. But most importantly, why would you do anything if there wasn’t something in it for you? Of course there is. How about a chance to win a FREE signed and personalized copy of her new book It’s Not Me, It’s You? It couldn’t be easier. Go to and go to the message boards. Enter the contest thread and tell us who you think should play Stefanie in a movie and why. OK, it could be a little easier. Now, afraid of coming in third? No worries! Stef is giving away THREE books. THREE winners! Do it! It’s free! It will help the economy. Don’t argue.

Either way, it’s a great book and you should buy it even if you don’t win, signed and personalized from the store. But I hope you win. I really do. Cheers. is her home if you want to read more about her. Oh, and you will.