Hello everyone.

I have been busy over at honestbaby.com Here’s my article on MY LIFE WITH VIDEO GAMES.


Also, they did a very nice review of my book:


Also, I finished DRAGON AGE on the PS3. It was a pretty amazing game, I have to say. It was a cool mix of retro Dungeons and Dragons with a hard edged, morally ambiguous story. Like you’re an adult but really it’s your inner teenager playing in the basement listening to Def Leppard while reading the Dungeon Master’s Guide before your other lonely friends come over for a gaming session. Anyway, Dragon Age has sex, violence, betrayal, and dragon slaying! And that’s just some of the stuff you can do…

Me:”Are you still taking the kids to Costco?”
Wife:”Yes, why did you need anything?”
Me:”Yes, I need you to take the kids to Costco”

I love my iphone, but I don’t see the point of the iPad. I really don’t. It does less for more! The whole point of technology is to replace and combine stuff. I don’t need something extra. Of course, when the REAL one comes out six to eight months from now we’ll see…

Still really enjoying the fact that I didn’t need surgery again. Thank you to everyone who e-mailed and posted comments. It really made my day.

This bears repeating: To truly appreciate Death Cab for Cutie you have to hate them first and then let them slowly win you over.

I am still really enjoying LOST, even though it often makes no sense. I think that’s a compliment.

Not sure what’s going on with movies right now: Hot Tub Time Machine, How to Train Your Dragon, and Ghost Writer were all GOOD. Food Inc is a MUST SEE on DVD. Spoiler alert: Corn is in everything.

21 month old slept until 5:00 am which was unusual. We’re having trouble with our sleepless toddler. Anyone have any advice for us with a toddler who only sleeps 7-8 hours a night and is not tired? Of course, he’s not tired but it’s killing us… We’re going through the suggested list of remedies and we’re about ready to add a few of our own involving ether. Anyone experience this and how did you solve it? Is it even solvable? Maybe our robobaby just doesn’t need sleep…