First, my updating and visiting other blogs has been a bit shoddy lately. Hopefully things will slow down in the next month or so and I will be back to visiting your place on a regular basis. Of course, sleeping would be nice too but apparently our almost two year old has other plans for that.

Legends are great. They reflect on us and our natures better than any psychiatrist ever could. This is one of my favorite short legends. And in the spirit of storytelling tradition, I have added my own details and embellishments. Enjoy.

There once was a Man who by all intents and purposes was doing pretty well. CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, a hot wife who also loved him, and children who were more or less well adjusted. He wasn’t the most honest Man in the world but he never did anything too horrible either. He was just very successful, flawed, and happy. He just was.

But through all his success, there was something missing. There was always something missing. Finally, the Man figured out what it was. It was Truth. He had never found it, and realized he was never looking in the right place.

So the Man brought his family out by the pool in their nice but modest mansion, and made his announcement. “I’ve decided I’m going to leave and find Truth. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone.”

Well, the kids had their college funds taken care of, so no problem there. And his wife, always supportive, said if this is what he really wants to do then he should do it.

So the Man left his company, his wife, his money, and his power. He searched for Truth all over the world. He searched high and low and only heard fragments and rumors of where she lived.

Finally, after years of searching, he found her. The Man found Truth living high on a secluded mountain top in a dirty and humble cave. She was old and ugly, a hunchbacked and hairy crone. The Man was surprised at her repugnant and wild appearance, but knew from one glance into her eyes that he had found Truth.

“Are you Truth?” asked the Man.

“You know that I am,” replied the wrinkled old hag.

“Will you teach me?” he asked.

The hag agreed. She taught him all there was to know about truth. She taught him the way of truth, the nature of truth, and she showed him the very soul of Truth. The Man eagerly learned and devoured every lesson.

Years when by and eventually the Man realized there was nothing more he could learn from Truth. He decided to return to everything he had left behind, but much more the wiser for it.

So the Man prepared to go back into the world with joy in his heart at having found and finally understanding Truth. He was filled with gratitude. He asked Truth if there was anything he could do to repay her. Anything at all. Money. Power. Cars. Heck, even a helicopter to take her to and from the mountain if she wished. All she had to do was ask.

“Well, there is one thing”, said Truth.

“Name it,” said the Man.

“When you tell people about me,” said Truth, “Tell them I’m young and beautiful.”

And that’s everything you need to know about human nature.