I thought it was time for another random smattering of mini-posts. Actually, it was time for any type of post at this point. Have I lost interest in blogging? Not really, I just seem to be losing time.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In our land of cable news and iPhones sometimes we forget all the things we are thankful for. And one of them isn’t cable news.

Hey Pandora ad department, if I am listening to free music through the internet, do you really think I can afford a Jaguar?

Two year old still is only sleeping 6-8 hours a night. Problem is there seems to be no problem. It looks like that’s all he needs. Dammit!

Saw a billboard for a loaf of cheese. For the love of God, people. Seriously. A cheese loaf. Stop the insanity. Although, I can’t wait to have a nice piece of bread in between my two slices of loaf cheese.

I am reading The Hunger Games and I am absolutely surprised about how good it is. Sometimes I read stuff to see “what all the fuss is about”, although I’m pretty sure I’ll never read the Twilight series. But The Hunger Games is in a class by itself. Satire, Pulp, and Science Fiction all in one “young adult” novel. It’s like reading a book version of the Japanese film Battle Royal, but with a world of backstory.

I’ve been watching The Walking Dead and now I’m having zombie apocalypse dreams. Again. Thanks, AMC.

I was just at the LA ZOO and I’ve never seen a zoo under constant construction more than the LA Zoo. It’s taking them over TWO years to build a freaking Reptile House. It’s just walls, cages, and lizards. Get on it!

This concludes our random blog post. Our irregular schedule will resume shortly.