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Our Trip to Disneyland, Part 2

So we took our pee-soaked daughter through the crowd and towards the bathrooms. My wife said we should get her cleaned up, get her something to eat, and then leave. Sounded like a plan. I didn’t mention that I wanted to go on...

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Our Trip to Disneyland, part one

Our daughter, Bella, loves Disneyland. She’s three and she talks about it all the time. She talks about the rides she can go on and the rides she is too little for. “Can I go on Splash Mountain?” “No , you’re too little.” “How...

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So this is blogging

I knew blogging was catching on when I visited my father, who doesn’t own a computer, and he asked me “what’s a blog?”I responded that it’s the latest way to waste time on the internet. It’s...

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