I was so freaked out about having our first child that I bought a bunch of fatherhood books and read them in between dealing with my pregnant wife. Granted there wasn’t a lot of time between getting the nursery just right for my wife, er… I mean the baby and going out for chocolate cake late at night, but I made the most of it.

This thing is, NONE of those fatherhood books helped me whatsoever. I realized there wasn’t a book addressing how guys really feel about having children and their anxieties and fears. Will I ever go out again? Will I ever have sex with my wife again? Should I buy stock in Disney? Is my life truly over? I mean, it’s not like we guys talk to each other about this stuff. If we did, well, then we would be women, wouldn’t we?

So I wrote a book for the freaked out new Dad to help navigate the coming baby-shaped storm and maybe even have a laugh or two along the way. Next to valium, it’s the best medicine, right? But I also wanted it to be useful, and contain the things I wish I had known at the time. So my book contains helpful advice, anecdotes, and lots of science fiction references. Is Dr. Spock really like Mr. Spock? You’ll see.

You can buy it anywhere books are sold (click on the image to go to Amazon) BUT if you want it signed you can buy it personalized from Comedy Film Nerds HERE. I’ll make it out to the lucky new Dad.  🙂

THE COMEDY FILM NERDS GUIDE TO MOVIES is out now.  I am very proud of this book as well.  It took a year and a half and many drafts and thirteen writers contributed to it.  it’s a funny and informative look at different film genres with a top ten and bottom ten list at the end of each chapter.  Guaranteed to start a filmy discussion!

You can buy it anywhere they sell books, and it is available digitally too.  But if you want it signed, you can also go to HERE.




It’s REALLY expensive to have a baby.  The good people at DIYFATHER in Australia put together a nice little book telling you how not to go broke with a new baby.  They asked me to help out with the American version, and I did.  It really will save you money, and I actually learned a lot while writing it.  Too late for me, of course, but you may actually be able to save some money. Check it out.