Comedy Film Nerds was started by Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini.  The goal was to merge all the things we loved from comedy to movies to behind the scenes filmmaking into one big juicy funny filmy package.  And Comedy Film Nerds was born. Every show features comedians and filmmakers talking about movies, and the show has 6 MILLION downloads and over 400 episodes.  There are movie reviews, columns, a podcast, live events, and even a full online store to buy signed merchandise and digital downloads.  Han Shot First.  That is all.

Conversations From The Abyss

Conversations From The Abyss is a scripted drama/horror anthology podcast. It features creepy conversations between angels, demons, desperate mothers, ghosts, harried businessmen, dissatisfied citizens, imaginary friends, political operatives, and other lost souls. What you’re about to hear is a conversation between two living things. Possibly.

The show features renowned voice actors from such shows at Welcome to Night Vale, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Stan Against Evil, Drunk History, and more.